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Black Toilet Paper

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The successful and iconic black toilet rolls. Bathroom tissue tested under dermatological and gynaecological control.

- Very soft and absorbent
- single roll pack or 6 roll pack
- 140 sheets per roll
- 16,1 m per roll
- 100% virgin pulp
- Colorfast for its intended use

⚫️3-Ply Tissue Paper
⚫️Lightly Scented
⚫️Dermatologically tested

100 %原木漿
三層 (140節)

產品百分之百純天然植物性染料。 不添加螢光劑、漂白劑及其他化學物質。 觸感綿柔,不掉色,不起屑,吸水性優良。通過皮膚科和婦產科認證,溫和不刺激,嬰幼兒皆可安心使用。